Cost Analytics

Cost Analytics allows you to analyze your cloud service usage over time. It provides you with the filter tools for slicing the data to your needs. It also provides data visualization through the dashboard.

cost analytic

Reliable Cost Analytics Dashboard

You can create your own gadgets for the important cost parameters and place them on the dashboard. The gadgets support various types of graphs (line, bar, pie) with a linear or logarithmic axis. There is no limit to the number of gadgets and dashboards that can be created.

Various Tools to Slice and Dice Data

Nimbus Stream provides you with myriad columns, tags, and filters to perform various analyses. You can customize and save your own filters to be reused anytime, thus saving both your time and effort.

Customizable Report

Generate reports based on predetermined criteria. You can leverage the filters to create reports such as time granularity report, service usage report for on-demand, reserved instances, and savings plans. All reports are downloadable to PDF and CSV formats.