Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization gives you information on cloud cost-saving opportunities. It consists of recommendations in terms of cloud resources and better purchase options.

cost optimization

Potential Savings are Discovered at a Glance

Nimbus Stream provides you with an overview of cloud cost-saving opportunities. By seeing the overview, you can get information on how much cost you can save and the summary of recommended actions.

No More Errant Resources

Examine the resource optimization options that can optimize your cost. You can also get the details of recommended actions that are required to execute and the estimated savings that can be obtained. The resource optimization options can also be downloaded as a report in PDF or CSV format.

Best Purchases Come with You

You will also get the recommendation on which purchase options are best to reserve based on your actual usage. Just like the resource, you can see how much cost you can save through the purchase and download it as a report when needed.