Product Features


Cost Analytics - Dashboard and Visualisation

Nimbus Stream integrates with all 3 Cloud Platforms to pull Cloud Costs into a centralised platform. It allows easily visualization and projection of Cloud Costs through easy to customise Dashboards.


Cost Monitoring - Alerts and Notifications

Cloud Costs are ingested regularly into Nimbus Stream. This allows you to set alerts and notifications at different cost intervals.

Trigger automated alerts when your cloud costs goes beyond 50%, 75%, 90% of budgeted amount!

Leverage on Nimbus Stream statistical analysis to receive alerts of unexpected costs spikes.


Cost Optimisation

Nimbus Stream pulls in Cloud Recommendations across all the CSP portals to provide a centralised view of possible Cloud Optimisation possibilities.

But more importantly, with the right tagging methodology, Nimbus Stream can very quickly isolate anomalies in cloud consumption costs and alerts the customers!

Cloud consumption costs are often unpredictable. Timely isolation of such costs can result in savings of thousands of dollars!